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Bachatea Social - Jack n Jill Contest - Toby Love concert tickets for winners


Come on out to our next Bachata Social on Wednesday February 18th for a fun filled night. We have a quite a few exciting things happening this night.

Bachata Class with Adam Taub - 8:15pm to 9:00pm
Adam is well known for his Bachata documentaries but also for his smooth dancing. He has taught in many congresses including the LA Salsa Festival, Reno Bachata Festival, Reno, LA and DC bachata festivals.

Special performance: Chuck and Joanne performing a Bachatango routine

Bachata JACK n JILL Contest - We will pair you up randomly with a partner and you will dance to a few songs. You will be judged based on your CONNECTION with your partner & the music. The winners will get 2 tickets to the TOBY LOVE concert happening in Denver on Feb 27th. One ticket is a $30 value. Check out the event details here.


Nelson Dj-Noslen will be spinning great Bachata all night long. 9pm to midnight is an extended time for a lot of Bachata dancing.

Venue: Savoy Dance Hall, 2700 Arapahoe St, Denver.

Cover : $6 only

Please spread the word and invite your friends.

Instructors Reid and Subbu
Instructors Reid and Subbu

Xtasy Dance Company - Weekly Classes

Our Weekly Classes:


Every Sunday at Dnote - 7:00pm - Bachata Class with Reid and Subbu


Dnote is located at Arvada and is the best Salsa/Bachata Night in town


Every Saturday at Cleo Parker Robinson - 12:30pm - Bhangra/Bollywood class with Reid and Subbu


Bachata Xtasy is a Colorado-based dance company specializing in Latin dance genres, especially Bachata and Salsa.  Instructors Subbu and Reid teach group and private classes at various locations in the Boulder and Denver-Metro area, and direct two dance performance groups (amateur & pro) that perform locally and nation-wide.  




Bachata Dance:


Bachata was born in the countryside of Dominican Republic in the 1950s.  With its roots in Bolero, it has evolved over the last 60+ years and is danced all over the world, albeit with many variations and distinct styles.  The “basic” is a three-step with a tap on the fourth beat. The tap is often accompanied by a “pop” of the hips, or sometimes substituted with syncopated steps (steps in-between the beats – for instance the triple step or “cha-cha-cha”). The basic can be danced side-to-side (modern-style) or in a box step (Dominican-style). Bachata is usually partner dance, but it can be danced in open or closed position, involve fast footwork, or the more contemporary addition of dips/tricks, turns and patterns. 


Bachata Music:


Traditional bachata music possesses a very distinct melodic, rhythmic, and often syncopated sound. The heart-wrenching lyrics often tell a story about the woes of love. The band consists of five main instruments: lead guitar, second guitar, bass guitar, bongo drums, and the washboard sounding instrument the “güira” (pronounced “gwira”).  Some of the newer, modern music has added elements of pop and hip-hop.  Dancers are also fusing other music/dance forms into interesting hybrids, for example “Bachatango”, the marriage of Bachata and Tango.


What people say they love about Bachata:


Bachata is less about the technical aspects of dance and really about musicality, style, expression and partner connection.  It is a dance you can easily pick up without a background in formal dance training but seems to have endless possibilities for the exploration of different movements, styles, and rhythms.  The music also offers diverse variety of moods, from minor chords changes weaving beautiful melodies and harmonies, to upbeat, driving, flirtations beats that make you want to hop out of your seat.


Bachata Party at Booth's Dancesport

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